The Blazing Glory

Adam and Sara met each other chaos,

Fell in love through peace and mayhem,

For they didn’t know they were possessed,

With ghosts who were sewn in their lives like a hem,

They raised hell and kissed,

Sticking together like a pair of dice.

One day love, the other day hate,

Like a seesaw, love was only their bait,

To be with each other, through the unknown,

What fate had in store, they had to watch and wait,

Reality was out of proportion blown,

Faith laughed at them like a clown.

They struggled and struggled,

With emotions entangled,

For they only knew,

Love alone had them glued,

With no reason or rhyme,

This time and everytime,

They stood by the stormy pages,

Of their life as they turned,

With newer brick bats, a blazing glory,

Their love wasn’t like any other story.

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