The Eclectic Pride

Swimming through the swarming crowd,

Meeting their needs and staying above,

Etching a name sewn in threads,

Living in the here and now,

Doubts and misery turned to sheds,

A sense of pride, saying it aloud.

Brick-bats, love, faith, gantlets,

Stirring a cocktail of grit,

Living in castles, living in hamlets,

Instilling in them a potion of faith and zeal.

Never to bow down, to enticing evil,

The wicked stay concealed,

With pride you march in glory of virtues,

The eclectic pride hoisted its flag,

Giving the world an idea, a notion,

Are you the crowd of benign mortals?

Astute and shrewd with a kindered spirit?

Resolute and original, an eclectic pride,

With archetype ideas, insights you derived.

Are you the crowd of benign mortals,

Putting your foot down against moribund morbidity,

Urshing an era of novel thoughts,

Putting behind false hopes and ideologies,

A new world you brought,

Where goodness was in draught,

You stayed strong with eclectic pride,

A new way of life you derived.

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