Deep within your soul,

What ideologies rule,

The ways of the world,

Stories untold,

Have you left good virtues to be cool?

Did you peek into your soul?

Or did you just skim through?

Leaving out the noise of old values,

Caricatures of chaos you drew,

Goodness easily shelved?

Enticed with greed,

Enticed with false notion of power,

In your mind’s clandestine tower,

Does wisdom every shower?

All there is, are wants and needs.

Away from the grimness of chaotic world,

Lies realms of esoteric consciousness,

A world, so pure, not so cold,

Power of truth to harness.

A world so beautiful, unruffled by sordid nous,

Away from those who chase the wild goose,

Good virtues been set loose.

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