On a sunny afternoon,

In a deep slumber,

She saw a dream, it was December,

Time of dusk, no place to go soon.

In her dream she strolled,

By the country side,

Looking into the void,

With a padlocked soul,

Going through a tumultuous tide,

With no peace, everything annoyed.

She stood there in the quiet,

Looking at the sun setting,

Wondering what feel short in her life devout,

To find her way back to peace, she was waiting.

With no hope for love, evermore,

Wanting peace only begets chaos,

Once her life was a dulcet sweet lore,

With no moxie, no brio.

As she walked past the stream,

A parrot in blue and green plumes told her,

“Let it out, scream,”

“set yourself free, create a stir.”

Still chained to her sorrow,

She had no will to see tomorrow.

No words would heal her,

He goodness concealed,

She touched another realm,

Feeling lighter and healed.

She sailed through souls,

Through darkness and the light,

Seeing the otherside was a delight,

Leaving Earth and all the foul.

In other life, another abode,

Her life was blissful,

No pastlife memories to hoard,

Happiness was her gizmo, her tool.

She woke up with the sound of the thud,

Feeling free, away from the dread,

A new moment, a new zeal,

Her solitude, none could steal.

Setting herself free from ill will,

Unperturbed, with calm and grit,

Deepest layers of life she peeled,

No will to reach zenith,

She felt emancipated.

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