The Cattle Farm

Away from the buzz of the city,

Was a quaint place with alpacas,

Grazing, at peace, looking into oblivion,

Coming to a standstill battling on gridirion,

Beaming in the pleasant vistas,

Chaos took such a pity.

Friendly, docile, uncomplicated,

Rolling back to old times,

Pace of like took a back seat,

Truth and lies noneth gives a dime,

Every moment life greets.

Sun-deep desires,

All that was mired,

Comfort and glee sired,

Amidst the cattle freed.

Disdain, pain or gain,

All that has gone in vain,

Deep wisdom showered and rained,

Life goes on when it feels strained.

All relations soured,

All doors closed,

Simpatico took a tour,

None to pester, none to force.

Unloved, yet loved,

Paradox of life took a u-turn,

Sacred nirvana endowed,

With flora and fauna there was more to learn.

Nurture and nature,

No matter what lies in future,

Life’s symphonies started with overtures,

You narrate, you are the orator.

No challenges to meet,

No zeal, nothing’s upbeat,

Unhurried life took a front seat,

I don’t feel the heat, I don’t feel the heat.

Will there be a buzz tomorrow,

After this recess, is there more chaos to borrow,

Cradled in peace,

Beautiful moments came with a lease,

Life’s a tease, Life’s a tease,

Is there more time to appease?

Resurrection, the moments of grace,

With the cattle breed, simple pleasures raised,

It’s bar and how often we go too far,

All treasures hidden beneath the tar,

Heaven’s door opened ajar,

Healing all deep scars.

There came a being,

Hopelessly looking to scream,

All letters flew in the air,

Forming words none to scare.

The void felt good,

Newness filled the hollow,

More sweetness and more mellow,

Walking in the magical woods.

Alpacas were my shield,

When mayhem had it unconcealed,

Their love and company,

Filled empty holes and healed,

Going back to urban life’s beautiful symphonies.

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