The Golden Cave

As she took a trek amidst mountains,

She came to a standstill and took a recess,

At a distance she saw a rainbow fountain,

Her life simplified from the burdened mess.

She took a staggered walk,

Quenched her thirst from the magical drops,

Something awakened withing her and talked,

With a distance she saw golden crops.

With a curious gait and wonder,

Ushered her within eerie creatures,

With stunning plumes and features,

She reached the alcove with soul surrendered.

Lifetimes of the past flew by,

Pain and chaos within was about to die,

She understood what stirred her soul,

She has more to give and dole.

As she came back to her real world,

An epiphany, a new nous unfurled,

Those who once made her frown,

Her contempt for them drowned.

Coming back to her world, anew,

Scars of the past sinewed,

She had more to give and smile,

Rescue from the chained past took a while.

The Golden Cave, a mirage, a paradise,

Coocooned her through time lapses,

To free her from the chaos about to rise,

And align her soul to the right axis.

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