An Ode To Vanity

an ode to vanity

Series of bad break ups,

Not much to sing and dance about,

Bella looked into the mirror,

With fire within,

Gloom hit the button mute,

Wisdom begotten through trail and error,

Dreams to be fulfilled are umpteen,

Started a new day sipping coffee from the cup.

Giving an ode to vanity,

Delighting the sun, moon, and stars,

Dear vanity, my trusty side-kick,

You hold me high, in darkest times,

You give hope when everything seemed bleak,

You are a poetic verse, a singing rhyme,

You take me to the zenith, infinity.

Putting smile back on my face,

Raising the bar, healing the scare,

You are a saving grace,

When esteem fell in the dumps,

Pride betrayed, it was set to lose,

You filled my life with thrill, giving goose bumps,

I decide, I choose.

What seems like love, chained me,

You unshackled,

Treading me on a beautuous path,

A deeper meaning in the new found glee,

More beauty to the aftermath,

Tower of vile buckled,

You are no more an unsung melody.

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