Lavender Angel Dust

One poetic evening, In the land of Twisty Pearl,

An alternative realm of euphoria,

Mia sailed miles and light years,

Her soul unfurled,

Like hues of Nebula,

Blending in his aura dispelling nightmares.

Her soul energy sensed him,

And blossomed like a lotus in the sunlight,

The universe sang in delight,

Aroha of their souls was an eponym,

Of sacred realms with a touch of love,

From afar and together,

Like an ESP, like a lucid dream,

They sensed one another,

Peril at its brim.

Lavender angel dust,

Took them away from hate and disgust,

As the clock ticked day and night,

Nothing ever seemed out of sight,

Through windy storms, acid rains,

His love psi healed all the pain,

Like an encrypted cipher of the universe,

Like a debutant, a new entry,

Of insights and novel verse,

Time travel of yesterday divorced.

Intoxication of sacred union,

New musical notes of a dulcet song,

With a marching band of gridiron,

Like a longing ever after longed,

Nothing amiss when near and far,

Broken in delight, gave a foresight,

My soul knew it was you,

Sweet and tender like an early morning dew,

In realms of darkness there was a curfew,

We rose above without a spoken words,

Coz words were empty for emotions we felt,

When distrust essayed to rip with swords,

Our subconscious glued , like it was spelt.

You speak through my soul like a good luck charm,

Shielding from ill will and harm,

Like an elixir, like a balm,

You calm the inner storm.

Scented dew drops from the rainfall,

Sprinkled pixie dust overall,

In the land of Twisty Pearl,

Love blossomed again like a sacred chant,

All that came to haunt,

Danced in duality in turns.

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