Magical Starry Evening

Withdrawn from bad relations,

She grew numb day by day,

No knocks answered,

life seemed to her, delayed,

All sweetness soured,

Strife, unsung life, with no citation.

If thoughts were penned,

Feelings colored,

They’d be blurry with shades of blue,

Then came a ray of moonbeam,

On a magical starry evening,

As she sat by the window sill thinking nothing,

A note flew with sweet nothings,

Reminding of happy times,

When faith was unperturbed,

Love felt mesmerized,

Had bad emotions curbed.

Days go by with musical notes,

No change of her heart,

His life felt like a sinking boat,

Her soulfulness left in his life an indelible mark.

He tried over and over to win her back,

With nothing else on his mind,

To make her happy like he had nothing else to find,

Through sweet memories and cracks,

Loving her will get his life back on track.

She got used to being without him,

Day and night felt the same,

He was on the threshold, on the brim,

She no more had anybody to blame.

He broke her heart, her soul usurped,

Her path divine, she tamed her mind,

To sail through ‘without you,’

Disloyalty she didn’t know,

Her innocence couldn’t accept,

Tricks, mind games, and deception,

She had no will to dissect,

Anatomy of what went wrong,

Through starry nights and calm ocean,

No love potions,

Could heal deep sores of infidelity,

She flew with new wings,

Leaving behind itty, bitty, titty.

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