The Painted Wall

Years went by, she came home,

To her abode of yonder years,

Reminded her of sweetness, innocence, and tender love,

Looking at the painted wall,

Heard the voices she wanted to hear,

Brought her joy like it was a norm,

Saving her from a great fall,

The beautiful memories she owned.

Meeting him after aeons,

Nothing changes, he loves me beautiful, he loves me sloppy,

Even when am in a bad mood and snappy,

We never change each other,

With each day we grew fonder,

Those were the days of wonder,

Growing old, we never grew apart,

Our souls entwined without the smart,

Doing our thing,being ourselves,

Ego never poked its nose,

Coz we blended in each other like the painted wall,

We had done when we were not so tall,

Took photographs in different poses.

That was a summer, with no vacation,

We were learning statistics, doing the math, mean deviation,

Our togetherness put a shame to renunciation,

Talking about everything for days and nights,

We hardly had misunderstandings or fights,

We didn’t know why, we just sailed through,

A ship set to sail, a beautiful cruise.

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