Amethyst Beach

In her lucid dreams, Bella visited,

An Elysian town with gleaming crystals,

Unicorns and angles vested,

Everything seemed ethereal.

She was walking on the amethyst beach,

Gabriel, Cameul, and Gagiel appeared,

Where to Bella? Is your age of innocence?

Blocks of time have you seered?

Count your blessings, count your blessings!

In the deep woods, next to the beach,

She heard euphonic beats,

A marching band within her reach,

Was that Isabella of John Keats?

A reflection of her disorderly past,

Was it bad or meant to last?

Through sleepless nights and smiley sunshine,

With and without each other,

A lot to talk about a lot to whine,

Like a serene moonlight in bad weather.

Find your way, Isabella, find your way,

In the dark crystal cave,

In the robe of an adult naive,

Angels are here to save,

But in the dark realms do you?

Feel love and compassion for your beau,

Like everything was new,

Without a rift in the lute?

Semi-charmed life of ifs and buts,

Amidst the mixed nuts,

Can you hear your soul? the magic spell,

A timeless sculpture chiseled?

All is well, deep inside how you feel?

Good or bad, don’t conceal,

Do feel as pleasant as the shade of teal?

Walking through the shadows and gleaming bright,

Morning sunlight kissed her to wake up to a new sight,

From the lucid dream did she alight,

To an everyday world with novel insight.

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