Dance Of Adelene

She never aged like timeless love,

Through childlike redolent indifference,

Tap dancing on follies, each step with him a joy,

Lulled in sweetness and melancholy,

No matter how much she did annoy,

Every moment with him feels like scriptures from the holy,

No room for lies and pretense.

Not a stitch of worry of tomorrow,

Whether she feel happy or low,

Their souls entwined unconditionally,

Like a bittersweet symphony,

Acerbic blurred lines turn into lyrical ballads,

At the turn of events,

Life fell in love with them, nomads,

With more to give and less to vent.

The starry nights, sunny afternoons,

In each other they attuned,

And rewrote their destiny,

Walking on thin ropes, battling time,

Battling everything that does not rhyme,

All bets lost with every toss of penny,

Their love turned away storms with faith,

Murmurs this is not meant to be,

Oil and water were enemies,

No black poison could bemire from the dimension eighth.

They sailed through blooming glories, hurt, and pain,

Through uncertainties, ambiguity, and disdain,

Times when emotions felt drained,

The dance of Adelene, she danced in the bliss of harmony,

Through doom and every boon,

Finding the dark side of the moon,

Like magic from the runes,

They were together as the spring of June.

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