With Music In Her

In good and bad times her heart sang,

Dulcet tunes in harmony,

In her life, a long journey,

With a mishmash of sweet, bitter, and the bland.

In her heart, she felt his love,

As they drifted away never to see again,

Her heart sang with musical notes,

To see beyond the void with and paint a landscape,

Remembering the sweetness and anecdotes,

The smile it brought was her sweet escape.

With no regrets, she knew her deep feelings,

Not a soul to listen, but her heart sang lullabies untold,

Dressed she everyday adorned with beautiful earrings,

Taming the shrew, they said, she is so cold.

She had the music in her, the happiness none could see,

Because she understood life differently,

When world was crushing down,

She walked the gaiety-gait,

Nothing could dampen her, even if you threw a bait,

She walked the gaiety-gait,

Waltzing through the dreary nights,

With none to love her,

Music in her soothed her plights,

She walked the gaiety-gait,

None knew what did her delight,

In those dreary nights, feared all mortals,

Who had strength or valor,

With no dorsels to swim in the tides,

With music in her she enamored,

And put everyone in a state of wonder,

How she walked the gaiety-gait without a frozen heart,

And if music in her overthrew the thwarts.

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