Lucid Dreaming

You speak through my dreams,

In my subconscious mind,

Your spirit frailed like a riviera,

How love raised above the grind,

Like soothing zephyr from the moonbeam.

You speak to me often,

Telling how you feel,

Pacifying the blows to soften,

Like a prayer when you kneel.

When it rained on the barren land,

Of numbness and withdrawn emotions,

Marching of carnival and a band,

A part of the drought became evergreen portion.

Then came a part, where you flew with the foe,

Quite opposite of then and now,

Like truth was screaming,

Maybe it was lucid dreaming,

One that couldn’t be controlled,

Coz you are waiting for whats next,

Indifference rock and rolled,

With no call or text.

Losing him brought solace,

Like a beautiful pearly necklace,

Wearing in peace,

When love felt like a tease, trapeze.

Lucid dreaming I didn’t control,

Let the subconscious swing and doll,

For showing truth and turfing out illusion,

Of what it appeared to be in a confusing fashion.

Lucid dreaming I didn’t control,

For I wanted to see,

What never appeared in reality,

Hiding beneath the layers to troll.

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