The Abletontown

As I walked by the green grass and breeze,

Your thoughts came flowing like a running stream,

Drifting by sweet memories,

I came to the Abletontown.

Your love was like a lost and found key,

It opened doors to a new world,

Like a fresh breath of lease,

Under the starry night I curled,

On the new day of the Abletontown.

Deep in my slumber,

There was a lovely dream,

Of a land colored pink and amber,

To each other we leaned,

Through the rocky storms and colored blooms,

Through the rainy days, when misreadings took a room,

I lost and found love for you in the Abletontown.

If forever was real, I found the real in my heart,

If you are miles away or near,

As days go by in the Abletontown,

Buying merch from the mart,

Losing you is no more a fear,

My heart paints deeper in your love with a lovely tone.

Wonder If I see you in the Abletontown,

Where days go by in jest and cheer,

Working at my atelier,

Covered in paint and dresses umpteen,

If the desire to see you could only be sewn,

In motifs and filigree,

Beyond the edict of human bonds and loyal decree,

You’d have a home in the heart of my Abletontown.

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