The Moonlit Lakeside

Away from the tumult,
As she took a stroll,
By the moonlit lakeside,
Saw she her reflection in the shadow of the night,
Not swimming with the sharks,
How pleasing seemed the colorful atoll,
If all was so idyllic in the life of an adult.
A buzz of fireflies with the whistle of breeze,
Waltzing jellyfish, and happy floaters,
Have nobody to please,
These happy loafers.
Then came a flying squirrel,
And kissed her feet,
Lulled her with euphonies and carols,
With Lord’s melodic fete.
Hoo-ha of urban life,
Gave jitters to her battered soul,
To be nobody’s mother, nobody’s wife,
By the seaside her spirit dolled.
Whispered, Twinkledips, the squirrel,
To see beauty in chaos,
For there are colors to see in the tapestry to decrypt,
To rewrite a her new manuscript,
Create a new set of Taos.
Slithered a shadow of someone,
Who stood still next to her,
Lost, defeated, parched, and soiled,
His face shined in the moonbeam.
From the land of kings, arrived a broken king,
With a heart full of love, and not a soul in seeking,
Enamored by her redolence,
His spirit unriddled what was lost,
In the middle of nowhere when the dark of the night defrost,
His deep wounds healed,
With her kindness and love,
She had a lot to give, when her soul was bereaved.
He took her to a land of joy,
Filled with magic, leaving behind the mean and decoy,
Untrapped their souls like an unchained melody,
Blessings the moonlit lakeside bought to thee.

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