Aurora Lights

In the mid thirties,

One day, on a vacation to the land of Santa,

In search of the Northern Lights,

Her mind wandered,

Leaving behind the mighty might,

With the other worlds the mind philandered,

Watching the green,blue, and magenta,

Inner calm is gratis.

Walking with the reindeers,

In the icy landscape,

Away from every day life,

Routine repeated and seared,

This was her sweet escape,

A new depth reached, novel wisdom for the naif.

In a few days, back to work,

Calming her inner storm,

Unswayed, uneffected, and pleased,

Focused and giving had become her norm,

Mental and emotional blocks released,

Fashionista from a dork,

Amazed everyone with her quirks.

Sometimes in life we need to break away,

To find ourselves, restore our strength,

Build an inner core where nothing can sway,

No matter who goes to what length,

To lift you up or put you down,

When you find yourself, you wear the crown.

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