Because love alone is never enough,

The color of money shows you,

Truth that lay in layered veils,

Walking tall in high-heeled miu miu,

With peace within or not,

What does the luxe entail?

Hard work ushers cashflow,

Told the ancient wise men,

Things they didn’t know,

Times have changed since then.

When money met spirituality,

It beget wealth,

Learning lessons of humanity,

From the library and book shelves.

The math colored with the human heart,

Compassion and hope made the smarts,

Rising above cold calculations,

Shrewedness took a vacation,

To happy lands where people bond,

And spent time by the lakes and the pond,

Shreweness was confused,

How happy there were with little was his muse,

He colored them with dreams and desires high,

They told him the value of human bond with a sigh.

Wondered he everyday,

Ambition waved at him amongst the content lot,

Came running to him without a nay,

The chosen one was soaring heights,

Leaving behind routine pay,

Viewing rainbow and sparkless all bright.

Thought he, what made togetherness happy,

When you could feel and live what most couldn’t see,

He enjoyed the ride for many years then,

Losing bonds he once had when,

Nobody was by his side in sadness,

He no more felt loneliness.

But one day it happened,

When his mentor shrewedness left him ashtray,

When he needed guidance the most,

He then remembered the happy bonds lost,

They were long lost and far away,

His eyes to real wisdom opened,

If only wealth was what he chose,

His life would be a bed of roses,

With all that he had and loved ones,

Being loved than held in scorn.

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