On the island of Icyrocks, lived toilers,

Who worked days, and rested at nights,

Like the endless sun, moon, and stars,

They had no fear or fright,

No ambition mighty might,

Let’s just not talk about the spoilers.

On day, came a dancing carnival,

With a melodic fete,

And, that was an expected arrival,

That made their spirits upbeat.

Like an elixir to a barren land,

Toilers rose in cheer and joy,

Never did they think as passed the times of sand,

A little bit of jester comes without much toil.

To a man thirsty in a deserted land,

Water and company is an elixir,

Like a fresh breath of air fanned,

Sweet words of hope in the lexicon.

To a man parched of true love,

And too many battles to win,

A faithful companion is an elixir,

With tales of love and war intertwined,

Pain flies away with a sacred message from the dove.

To a fearful child held in disdain,

A mother’s undying love and caresses are an elixir,

Sleeping with a blanket of mother’s love,

All bad things go down the drain,

Feeling happy with or without the know-how.

For the confused in the middle of a chaos,

The right answers are an elixir,

When the mind is fogged like a swamp of moss,

Like being unchained from the clutches of a vixen.

To the man that creates, like a universe within,

A bright idea is an elixir,

For his mind looks beyond the pangs of human vices,

A quest for unknown wisdom is seated in,

Like a trail and error of two dices,

The Eureka! moment, the adrenaline racer.

For those chained with their own thoughts,

Free-thinking is an elixir,

See what wonderful gifts life brought,

Opening bottles of fizzers.

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