Starry Nights

starry nights

Pink and lavender sky, fairy dust,

Twinkling star in the twilight,

Walking in the city of mirth,

By the shore, the waves, and a new tide.

Walking on the grains of sand,

Watching the sun alight,

Swaying flowers in the nearby meadows tend,

To the light gush of air in delight.

Watching the moonlight in the quiet,

Drifted thoughts back and forth,

What if life per se was a bait,

In games of sinister and divine afloat.

A rendition of the past notes,

No symphonies and sonnets run your day,

Covering your sorrows with a vibrant color code,

Padlocking shades of grey.

Love, wisdom, in abundance,

A quest of the heart in the silence of night,

What lies beyond the wisdom of the universe,

Do you want to follow the light?

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