Rose Quartz

Strolling through the flee market,

On a pleasant summer evening,

With light drizzle and colorful baskets,

Of trinkets, charms, jewelry, beaming.

View of people, murmur, chatters,

I stumbled upon magical potions,

Of tourmaline, crystals, rose quartz,

Like applying a dry skin lotion,

Withered feelings enlivened like a bard.

There came a gush of warmth,

Amidst the mish mash of everyday life,

Feeling good for no reason in the swarm,

Like everything happened swiftly without a strife.

Piles of bills, heaps of worries,

Smile on my face,

No reason to feel sad or sorry,

Did the magic embrace?

A decor in rose quartz,

Thoughts idyllic arose,

Dancing in sweet emotions wearing leotards,

Glee and happiness, my heart chose.

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