Did he say you said it when you didn’t?

Did this start happening to you?

Once upon a time a fairytale story,

Waiting to get its due.

Did they make you question your sanity?

Force you to look the other way,

With sinister intentions in grouped unanimity,

Did you stand your ground and laughter at what they have to say?

Workplace harassment, stealing your work,

Making you question everything like you are a dork,

With self-assurance you skim through those jerks,

Not petting their minds full of lies and murk.

After a long rest, and its another day,

Staying focused on yourself,

Putting on a face brave,

You need inner strength to battle who only have lies to tell,

How to deal with gaslighters is a new path to pave,

To benefit the world against dishonest parasites,

Who binge on your work and defame you and deny,

When you expose their tricks,

They have no place to run and hide,

Trying to control your world by rule and divide.

Narssistic pathologial liars who think they are above law,

Treat your truth and twist facts like see-saw,

Their sketch of tamed lies when you start to draw,

You start to see their darkened aura.

How to deal with gaslighters?

Record, take notes, protect yourself, from this harm,

The more you stay disarmed,

They get through to you with their feign charm,

Try to stay calm.

Robe them off their lies, bit by bit, word by word,

Even when their blatant lies cut like a sword,

Stay assertive and shrewd,

Be toughest with the category of sinners in the crud.

They isolate you with lies, gang up,

You have nothing to lose,

Truth is what you keep showing up,

To counter their lies is what you choose,

To pin them down to speaking the truth,

In veil of goodwill, rift in the lute,

Their tricks and lies at every pop up you shoot.

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