Emotional Well Being

Why do we ignore our emotions?

Binge on the path of stoics,

Heart that feels without restrictions,

Swaying between pragmatism and heartfelt choices.

Emotionally withdrawn, feeling repressed,

Did a word of care tell you, your emotions are caressed,

Easing the blows of each day,

Feeling understood beneath the dark clouds of May.

When times where not sunny in your land of Utopia,

An ideal world, only a realm,

A happy place to snuggle to correct your faulty view like myopia,

Your spirit guides at every block to helm.

Where you conditioned to stonewall your emotions?

To make you prepared for battles of life,

Did you realize this is a false notion,

Emotional well being makes you strong enough.

Take care of your emotions today,

Each moment is priceless,

When you take care of these moments,

The moments take care of you.

Take care of your emotions today,

Even when you are snubbed, showed down,

Over and over, when you deserved renown,

When you have nothing left to feel but only frown,

Find something to make you happy as a clown.

Take care of your emotions today,

Let the darkness not build an edifice in you,

Feeling unloved? start loving yourself,

You have a lot good to do and renew,

Laughing off the mischief of the pixies and the elves.

Take care of your emotions today,

It helps you understand your loved ones better,

Be more compassionate towards all you meet,

Understanding of self in the grey matters,

Empathy and kindness takes a top seat.

Take care of your emotions today,

Dealing with the belligerent and the impetuous,

Stand your ground, feel your heart,

Not everything that appears saintly is pious,

Like an unsung hero, the rough diamond, the bort,

Sing to the rhythm of truth like nothing could bring dismay.

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