As my mind explores the other worlds,

The beings, and existence that could be,

Sipping coffee and cream in swirls,

Mind set to a long enchanting journey of glee.

An ideal world, somewhere in the cosmos,

Where pure souls reside and create,

Sacred, sinless, and powerfully innocent,

Universal wisdom and a new cultural ethos.

Who are these beings,

Angelic and unmarred,

Vacuuming the universe as a senance,

Of ill thoughts, ill will, and ignorance scattered.

Where love is the beginning of emotions,

Reaching endlessness like tales untold,

Hidden in scriptures and allegories,

Giving warmth to the heart and soul cold,

Love was only a beginning of every story,

Spreading its wings through galaxies far and wide,

Only the chosen divine took the ride,

To spread the message of love amidst hue and cry.

Do you feel love in your heart?

Even when the mind does not feel very smart,

Healing the pain and all the scars,

The starting point where the soul feels empowered.

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