Nail Polish

As I think of applying nail polish,

I am lost in thoughts,

Which color to pick? Is it modish?

Nail art of acrylics? Im thinking a lot.

Goblins ate my nail polish,

Leaving shapes of maps on my nails,

Their homes don’t seem dandyish,

A fantasy land, the mind set to sail.

Will the lavender sheen take me to fairies,

Or may be the funk of retro time travel,

To the historic era of French and Prairies,

Treasures left by Sauniere To unravel.

Will metallics grace my nails,

And take me to the relics of Holy Grail,

The Chalice, the last supper, Tour Magedala by the road rail.

Will purple of the magical grapes do?

The wine that tasted like an elixir,

Alchemy of colors in the tints and hues,

Who is that unknown unicorn rider?

Will Chiaroscuro dance on my nails?

Like the light and darkness of life,

In patterns and stories with the enamel,

In between joy and miff.

Will the Emerald green enthrone on my nails?

Like an Eden garden with meadows,

Butterflies, magical birds uplifting a spirit frail,

Pouring purity and love.

Will the Ruby red dole out on my nails?

The color of vermilion, rising sun, and petals of rosa,

Like Phonenix risen from ashes telling a tale,

Sacred Feminine from the lake of ambrosia.

Will the royal blue meander on my nails?

Like the mystic blue lotus,

Transcend and come to my ail,

Bangjax the hocus pocus,

And let Truth prevail.

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