Second Chance At Love

Marrying young, giving into pressures,

Or making a wrong choice,

As you grow old, understand every emotion in leisure,

Your heart starts having a voice.

Marriages turned sour,

After years of torture, when he comes to wipe tears,

Like a knight in a shining armor taking a tour,

Putting away your doubts and fears.

When love feels scary when feeling unloved became a habit,

World crumbled down to a hobbit,

Unable to express, with a feeling of inhibit,

When someone shows love, you shun it with every hit.

Slowly the heart learns to trust,

With faith restored like it must,

When the heart feared to love,

Weeds of your eden garden mowed,

With a simple gesture of care every then and now.

Is there more to wonder,

Your heart when you surrender,

Giving love another chance,

With deep understanding of each other you sway and dance,

Like the very first romance,

Will feel hurt again? Is not in the plan.

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