Do you fear growing old?

Leaves dreams alone and stories untold?

Starting a new like spirit was never lost?

And take the road untravelled inspired by Robert Frost?

Do you have enthusiasm?

Did an idea usher in your mind?

Stir deep passion to go beyond the everyday rind?

In all days work, towards your dreams have you been unkind?

Do you have enthusiasm?

When all is lost to make it through?

Because the sun shines after a raindrops and morning dew.

A desire, to make a change for better,

To uplift humanity and place it on a silver platter,

An idea to do the better good,

That finds solace like walking in the quaint woods.

Do you have enthusiasm?

To persist and overthrow notions that resist,

You from making the best of this life,

So what if it had chaos and strife?

The smile that beats the mundane,

Making a melody from the untamed,

For the untamed heart knows no bounds,

What the mind can create only astounds.

Do you have enthusiasm?

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