The Soliloquy Of Deep Emotions

The repressed, lovelorn, unsung missus,

Has buried the ambrosia of sweet, deep, emotions,

A desire, once felt with the gift of less discord,

Life goes by with daily chores, homemaking, and doing dishes.

Not a thought occurs to taste the sweetness of love,

For all in a day’s work enured to stifle feelings,

Doesn’t go beyond the wearisome mile,

Blank dreams and thoughts stair outside the windowsill.

When all is lost, like a complete void,

Enters a ray of light spreading warm light,

A smirk, a thought, to make you think,

How life went by in a blink.

Nothing to stir deep emotions that touches the spirit,

And opens up mind to motley of realms,

The soliloquy halted in the middle age,

For the desire was lost making up the day.

Idyllic quests of the mind , the delight glances by,

Caressing melodies, the awakening you can’t deny.

Dismissed dreams found a way,

Not a game of truth or dare.

Resolute and sassy, the conversations begin,

The soliloquy of deep emotions sky-walk like they never sinned.

A brand new day, you feel beyond the mundane,

Take the first wavering step to brush away baggage and pain.

Beautiful thoughts run deep,

Well-meaning ideas take a bow and leap,

Passions and goals are no more asleep,

The soliloquy began and bought them in a heap.

Caricatures in your mind dandle,

To unveil the drama you once didn’t handle.

Dancing in glory flying above humdrum,

In a state of assured aplomb.

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