Practicing The Subtle Art Of Detachment - Personal Growth ...

Like a storm, without an appointment, it took away a loved one,

In the light away from noise of Earthen life,

Who knew it taught detachment before the arrival of aon,

When life was involved in the its and buts of strife.

Like the delight of a rainbow,

After a heavy downpour,

The know-how of detachment took a throne,

A place for tears or sorrow no more.

The mind questioned what was beyond life and after,

When the soul traverses in spheres unknown,

If your sorrows made any difference to what was to be reborn,

Wishing love and peace for the departed in the whistling zephyr.

Crusading with tenacity and fevor,

A bitter tongue and a soft heart,

Lead to more conflicts than ever,

The desire for love was racing in the kart.

Brooding over an entire flutters of the departed,

If only there was another drama enacted,

With caricatures and expressions of love,

For nothing is more potent in the future and now.

With melodies and lullabies,

You bid aideu, without a worry or an emotional scar,

Wishing the loved one finds what has been missed so far,

In this life that gave him more pain than emotional ties.

Seeing through flaws and strengths,

You only take that imbibes,

With less to talk about pain that melts,

As the soul departed to a different tribe.

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