Did you ask yourself if denial is what you live by?

Unwonted rant within, every truth you defy.

Do you want to see,

The truth hidden in emotions,

The intent, the gumption, ain’t sweet as honey,

Your fear to lose faith see-saws your mind in circumvention.

Did you ask yourself, if what you see is the absolute truth,

If the beast within unleashes like a brute,

When you start to see through everything with clarity,

Does fear instill in you of its obscurity?

Did you ask yourself if truth you dare to care about,

Your lack of self-awareness came as a blow and a knockout.

Honesty the toughest path,

A virtue when consciously chosen,

Lets you fight bigger evils than Goliath,

Not treated as an attribute a dime a dozen,

But a sacred jewel worn with honor,

In the toughest battle, makes you the lone winner.

Following the right path is never demode,

Virtues are not in-vogue,

For they are to stay forever in the nous’s abode,

Shines you brighter, without a shrug.

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