What if you knew?

What lay beyond ambiguity,

Peace and harmony unperturbed,

Your spirit tied to a rope to rid you of ingenuity,

Your principles unshaken, gets rolling in the zorb.

Like a lotus in a muddy pond,

you blossom with sacredness and purity,

Good thoughts and feelings don’t leave you drowned in the quicksand,

Heart, mind, and soul walk the path of integrity.

Did your goodness go unnoticed?

Brushing it off, did you choose to walk through,

The beautiful alcove of emotions and imagination,

With songs and rhythms of a beat nation,

Life you want in your mind gives a run through.

Did your will to do good go unnoticed?

You took that path anyway,

When all opposed and saw what isn’t in you,

Did your faith take a leisurely stroll on a segway.

Do you take an oath to be unperturbed?

Let the faith and love within you be unshaken,

Each day your spirit reawakens.

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