How baffling to know you exist,

Inner and outer conflicts in this life persist,

When worries and troubles chase like a wild beast,

One thinks about you the least.

Are you out of my league?

Seated on a pedestal,

Or in mind that digs deep,

Shining bright like a soothing crystal.

Like a reminiscence, you occur now and then,

Will you be my guest, twenty four seven?

And make me create wonder each day,

No matter who has what to say.

You don’t lose your charm,

Amidst ballyhoo and shenanigans,

As comely as a nun,

Your core, you do not shun.

When you own the mind and heart,

Sweetness of life each day starts,

A virtue not to be filled in a shopping cart,

Letting you stay is an art.

When you frail into the spirit,

You put a smile when life makes you weep,

Hope arises and is for aeons to keep,

I want you each day in a heap.

Like a lid removed from a can,

You heal wounds and pain not letting them settle,

Like a smoke from a hot kettle,

Let me look deeper and say amen.

Will you be with me forever,

Unto eternity and beyond,

Removing weeds like a lawn mower,

In my garden of Eden, with you I bond.

You gave me wings when angst caged me,

The best of me, nobody could see,

You fill the void empty,

Not a loner with peace and harmony.

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