Once upon a time there was a tempest,

Of adversaries barricading dreams putting time to test.

Hammered and infused with virulent cabal,

To put the honest and pure down and make her unstable.

Try did they hardest, together in unison,

Kept failing over and over despite planned revisions,

Guts and grit married each other unto eternity,

Resided in her mind and built Tenacity.

A city of devout devotion to dreams and will,

Though they tried to push her from the sill,

Resurrected did she like the phoenix,

Building her sacred nest,

Filled with virtues and redolence for life,

Though rivals cut her strength with a knife,

Fly did she with her broken wings,

Rebelling deterrents regardless of what was ongoing.

With faith in her heart, honoring her sacred journey,

To everyone she seemed barmy.

Not a reason to look back when future awaits,

With open arms to embrace her golden fate.

Her heart knew why it desired,

For all grit and resolution she sired.

There was a meaning to her purpose,

To strive, to give, and be the do-gooder,

Magical was her birth that gave ruffians a shudder.

Stood alone with fire though they vehemently opposed.

She knew it in her soul, this was only a beginning to the start,

At her tenacity and firmness did they snort,

To all the good in her they made her doubt,

Laughed did she for she knew their efforts led to nought.

This fearless fantastic woman was called Tenacity,

Everyone looked up to her courageous heart with a warm welcome and a ditty.

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