A galore of enticing sins and duties overdue,

Only those few,

Stand tall on firm ground of courage,

Built with maxims that put misdeed in a fit of rage.

Human nature, an excuse to choose a folly,

Brush it under the carpet with lull and jolly.

Did you have the courage?

To tell yourself right from wrong?

Did you tell tales to cover misdeeds with dulcet songs?

Did your soul even scream loud like a gong?

Did your conscious play with piety like a ping pong?

Did you have the courage?

To do the right thing?

When laid with options tempting?

With a pledge of no aftermath..

Did you still choose the right path?

Did you have the courage?

To accept shortcomings without an excuse?

And meliorate the manuscript of your muse?

Make choices leading to the right and just,

Self-denial and deceit, did that bubble burst?

Did you have the courage?

To live in moderation and do good?

Set aside hedonism like you should?

To give love, joy, and a set of principles,

Did you ever think, you could be a waiting to happen miracle,

When you unchain from the mental shackles.

Did you have the courage?

To set dreams high and follow through,

Isolating jumbles like an Eskimo living in an igloo.

Give a deaf ear to the chimera that reproves your finish line,

With your termini did you take long walks and everyday dine?

Did you have the courage?

To smile more when darted with despair?

Swallow pride, angst, and cease wallowing about how life’s unfair?

Find paths, explore, travel in arenas with novel notions,

With a greater good, leading to evolution?

Did you have the courage?

To go beyond the mundane?

Or do as you please and call yourself sane?

Prucence in everyday life when arrogance likes surfing,

On the ocean of your bountiful dreams unalarming?

Did you have the courage?

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