His thoughts, her thoughts, actions, and words,

Cut your beliefs, good deeds, and emotions with venomous swords?

Like you are leading to a never-land road?

This disdain can your mind and soul afford?

Did you clean up today?

The wounds from the past,

The stories and insinuations that were upon you cast?

Filling memories of soul like they would ever last?

Characters of your life story did you recast?

Did you clean up today?

False ideologies, false pride, false hopes, the bubble of illusion,

Leaving a scar tissue, a lesion.

Idle talk, empty promises, unwanted compromises,

When life is waiting you to give surprises.

Did you clean up today?

Bad relations, memories, that soiled your emotions,

To your mental landscape, it caused erosion.

Laying new seeds of growth and peace,

The space in your mind, did you give it on a lease?

Did you clean up today?

And make a room for beauty and wonder,

Did your mind and will give it a gander?

Do you want to be a lone islander?

Or rather choose a company as pretty as the Oleander?

Did you clean up today?

To paint a pretty picture of the future,

Bad advice, company, misguidance,

Did it puncture your life like a lance?

To get a better view of drama did you adjust the aperture?

Did you clean up today?

The lens of the camera,

Taking better pictures of the life you dream off,

A take off to a better era,

To a bad life, were you consciously bereft?

Did you clean up today?

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