Living In The Moment

A cup of coffee, with nothing on the mind,

As time plays the lento, day unwinds,

Should I read a book, or watch a movie,

There’s more calm than ennui.

Then came a thought, out of the blue,

Rewinding lifetime over phases a few,

What was I missing all the while,

Reckoning walked a few miles.

There came an answer, like an epiphany,

Inner peace as melodious as the euphony.

It topped the charts in split seconds,

Put my mind back to rest, no muse to pretend.

Good conversations and more reasons to smile,

New routes to happiness in the pile,

Of unopened letters, that have a lot to say,

“You weren’t listening,” it caused dismay.

Celebrated silence ushered within,

A new perspectives with life is breathing,

Expelling the mind’s chatter,

Only what stays is things that matter.

Living in the moment,

For the moment sets you free.

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