A Glimpse Of Everyday

Early sunrise, sans a bird’s chirp,

An urban life, a motley collage,

Each days an upshot slurped,

A walk in a floral foliage,

Not everybody’s Dream,

Winning rat race going upstream,

Only a few bask in the moon beam,

Away from the rustic, glittering in sheen.

Are you a dreamer?

Battling each day about your true calling?

Painting each day with a primer,

Before you add another hue without soiling,

The picture you paint of your passion,

Adorned inside your mental mansion,

Your every day destination,

Revisited over and over at this station.

Without not a sigh or boredom,

A reason to keep you alive,

Give your spirit a sense of freedom,

To break the chains, and take a deep dive.

In the ocean of abundant ideas,

Your mind’s eyes a cosmos,

Oh, mama-miya!!

A routine of mental floss.

To finesse each skill,

Is like walking on the sill,

Knowing there’s sinister waiting to steal,

Even if you put a seal,

They barge in like a deal,

In front of law, do they want to kneel?

Fearless, unethical, knock-offs,

Have dad’s money to show off,

No other talent do they have,

Lies and decipet they shove.

Like a broken record, played over,

Copied taste in music, sans calibre,

Clear these weeds with a mover,

If only it was so easy to deliver.

Riddance of pesky imps,

Born with unholy devilry,

Feeding on flesh and shrimps,

Their dads obsession with gluttony and debauchery,

Makes your zeal for life gimp.

When your beautiful garden has these pests,

Lurking around like an uninvited guest,

To steal ideas and creative work,

Your beautiful life they murk.

A glimpse of everyday life, unappealing,

Imp from the big dady’s pocket sends to burgle,

A void pest, on Earth a burden,

Is there a way out, the mind’s mulling.

Purity surrounded with fear of heist,

Like a lotus blooms in dirt,

Each day propelled with grit bravest,

Praying seasoned crooks today don’t hurt.

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