Urban Family Diorama

Days of yonder, mirth and joy with kinsfolk,

Laughter, chattering, silly games,

Growing up together without a mask,

Meeting after years, all feels the same.

Bonds unbroken, even when apart,

In distant lands with little to share,

Engaged in everyday life, fond memories don’t depart,

Family reunions, reminiscence repaired.

Bitter-sweet symphonies, tussles, secrets, struggles, delight,

cradling with care all the way through,

Like a days hustle closes in the peace of the night,

Homecoming to familial ties has faith sinewed.

May or may not be everyone’s story,

A few are happy being away for peace,

Afflictions, a plebeian adversary,

To them independence does appease.

Bringing back smile is only a phone call away,

How many years did those many never try,

Taking love for granted was a leeway,

With all reasons and excuses applied.

Diorama of urban life,

Dreams to pursue,

Old-school values make a strife,

Emotions and thoughts stuck in a curfew.

Those parents who have never been called,

With endless wait to hear the voice their heart melts,

Nothing is the same as we recall,

If only there were a few dents.

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