The Rise Of Juggernauts

In the wasteland of Opus Medusa,

Rose a breed of species,

Battling for ambrosia,

Revenge served cold in dishes.

What led to bedlam and melancholy,

In the barren land of no flowers,

Blood of the Juggernauts was holy,

Shield did they from the venomous showers.

Saving the mortal soul,

From reaching the purgatory,

Their power grew multi fold,

Slashing orgy and debauchery.

Guardians of the sacred text,

With nous pure and untouched,

Infernal forces made a move next,

To banish lohans and reign as much.

Rising of the Juggernauts,

Damned the diabolic feigning good,

Founding what good denotes,

Peace and harmony prevailed like it should.

Eternal warriors of scared clan,

banished the evil with elan,

Divinity has a plan,

Before dawn, unhallowed decamped.

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