The Land Of Pink Tourmaline – Emerald Falls Series – Chapter 5

Far far away from Emerald Falls, is a land with mystical creatures, feeding on pink tourmaline. Faun, a vampire was born in the sinister land called Hill-crest Crypts, the underworld of Red Whirl, where sinister was venerated, nurtured, and elevated with passage of time. Nobody knew what lay in the liar of Hill-crest Crypts.

Faun brought humans and other species to his liar and turned them into flying reptiles, red-eyed birds with blazing wings named Sinestone Rex to mock the sacred phoenix. There has always been a rift between the Killians, the flying reptiles and the Sinestone Rexes. Killians were once beautiful humans filled with love and compassion. Faun picked the best humans from various lands and used their power of compassion to create potions for his sinister designs. He brought them to Hillcrest Crypts with deception and turned them to Killians, their souls screaming to be freed each day.

Every day he made potions of poison and filled it inside the soul of the Killians. They have been crushed within themselves fighting good and evil. Giving up hope, they started venerating the mentations and incantations of Faun, who taught them to turn their good souls into evil. Back in the liar of Faun, they secretly wished they got back to Emerald Falls as the potions from Tuliptwigs gave them hope and bought their desire for compassion and love. Way back, taking the viperous path towards his liar, they all together vouched never to reveal their newfound desire to find love and compassion to Faun.

One day, in the Land of Pink Tourmaline, a part of HillCrest Crypts, there were storms of red fire. Faun flew to sense if they had met Tuliptwigs. He tested them to see if their eyes shed tears when they see love, compassion, and started pouring sweet words to entice them. Being determined to not reveal, they showed disgust to the sweetness and convinced him, they were what he taught them to be, devastatingly sinister. Their heart screamed when they had to put an act of evil, but the magic of snapdragons and magical wine gave them hope and strength to deflect Fauns suspicions.

Faun convinced is back in Red Whirl in his attic. Killian are planning their exit from HillCrest Crypts. Faun visits Lakewoodshire and other places during the Halloween. For months after accepting the venomous incantations from Faun, the day arrives, when Faun leaves for Lakewoodshire. He is convinced that Killians are faithful to him. But the Sinestone Rexes, who are actually devoted to Faun raise suspicions which Faun brushes it off as their envious nature as he has been showing more faith in the Killians.

On his trip for a month, there is a huge fight between the Killians and Sinestone Rexes, and finally, they flee to Emerald Falls, gathering all of their Pink Tourmalines that have been touched by the magic and love of Tuliptwigs. They are hiding in the meadows, Ember smells smoke from the fields turning into coals. Killians are distressed and craving for love. They want to be turned back into humans. But now they have a chance to turn into blessed, divine beings, the Elysians. After aons of pain, they have found solace in Emerald Falls.

As Ember pours magical wine, the Killians are at his feet, imploring him to take his shelter. From the energy they release, coming from HillCrest Crypts, all the meadows are turning into hot coals. Ember is in a dilemma. Should he accept the Killians or save Elysians? He gives them the magical wine and goes home. Tuliptwigs finds the smoke in her kitchen and feathers from Fauns attic. When Ember tells her what has happened, she is worried, Faun will return with greater power.

She takes out her mirror and makes a power of it. Within a day Elysian create numerous mirrors with that powder to help Killians. They watch their face in the mirror and it clouds the vision of Faun to find their path. He is busy in Lakewoodshire and ignores all the signs. The Killians are taken to the Land of Floral Rains, a nearby Archepilagio to cleanse themselves of all the poison and evil incantations. They watch their face in the mirror and are slowly and steadily turning into a new species, not Elysians.

Ember returns to the Land of Floral Rains next morning to see them the size of the dwarfs with no voice to speak. The effect of removing the evil incantations has made them speechless. They cannot speak or sing. They talk in sign language and the gestures cannot be understood. Tuliptwigs makes potions with honey and white lotus and gives it to them. Within a few days, they start speaking a few words of Elysian. Faun starts having hallucinations, his health starts to faint. He starts doubting if something is amiss and rushes to Red Whirl.

Within the time of his return, all the poison is purged and the Land of Floral Rains, starts having red storms and rains. A Magical path starts paving to Red Whirl. This is a bad thing to happen as there must be no path that connects Red Whirls to the world of Emerald Falls. Together the Elysians work on a potion using the wine from sacred chalice, dripped with trinklets, and snapdragons. It becomes a herculian task for them to use it on the fields because of the strong evil residue left from healing the Killians. Killians are not allowed to work on it as it would suck them in and drown them in the quagmire.

They stay in Emerald Falls, holding their tourmalines, cleansing them from all the evil vibes of Faun. Faun finds the Killians missing. The Rexes tell him everything. He is unable to find a path to Emerald Falls. He gets busy with his sinister potions to read and find the path and view what could have happened but there is only smoke on the screen which shows him the events. Red Whirl is turning into fumes. Just then, he finds broken wings of the Killians. He follows the path and finds a bunch of them. He has hope to find the path. He is building a stronger army with a fewer more species from the other worlds.

Tuliptwigs senses that something sinister could happen. Together, along with all the Elysians, they start a naming ceremony for the Dwarfs. They call them, Pink Elvellons. They now have the powers of good and a special skill to sense to see the future of any impending evil, a skill that is as amiss with the Elysians. Elysians are now stronger as Elvellons can sense what Faun is doing, but Faun cannot see or sense them. They tell Tuliptwigs that Faun has found their feathers and is working towards finding them.

In the backyard of Tuliptwigs, there is a casket, hidded in bushes, gifted by angels. They asked her to open it only when there was impending evil. Now the time has come to open the casket. Its early morning and the right time to pray to the angels to give her the power to stop all the evil surrounding her. She opens the casket with angels surrounding her. There are pink tourmalines, the original pink tourmalines, created by Gods themselves, a few of which Faun had stolen decades ago.

She comes to know that the Elvellons are god-sent creatures asking for help and have extraordinary strength to battle evil and still have the goodness retained in them. She is happy, her eyes are in tears. She makes necklaces with them after dunking them in sacred water from the lakes of Emerald Falls. The Elysians and Elvellons wear them. The water is dipped in the snapdragons to replenish the meadows. They turn back into idyllic landscapes with beauteous flowers.

Faun is in his attic, making calculations. Just then, he sees flashes of the tourmaline necklaces. What happens next?








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