Sweetness of A Fairyland

Once upon a time,

Where everyday shined,

With the beams from the divine,

And the day began when the clock struck nine.

An ideal world without a rue,

Feted each day with love and faith sinewed,

No Fabian tactics clouded the sphere,

Beauty and laughter in the land appeared.

Not a stitch of malice to banquet,

Heartstrings rose like a bequest,

To spread love and joy,

Nothing could ire and annoy.

The land of Emerald Falls,

Had beings Elysian,

With a magic enchanting,

Eternity sang and lolled.




Author: Vaishali Adwant

I'm an entrepreneur,a designer,a writer,athinker. I design clothes, boots, accessories, handmade jewelry for my label Faporazee. I write fantasy fiction, screenwriting, concepts for TV shows. I love spending my time reading, writing, painting, and a lot of creative pursuits. https://faporazee.com

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