Twin Flames

When you find your soul in someone,

Padlocked emotions are undone,

Reaching stars, moon, and sun,

Soul Drunk in ecstatic tavern.

No fear of life or after,

No rift can undo the depth,

In his eternal love soul swept,

Starting a brand new chapter.

Madness none understood,

For they laughed, made a hue and cry,

Through storms their love stood,

Their union none could deny.

Unusual for the world to digest,

Offbeat romance they did detest,

Only to wonder how souls met,

In days today none dared to get.

Logic fails to answer,

What soul yearns to feel,

Knowing it may, maynot be a disaster,

Togetherness gives the zeal.

Scars turn to newer paths,

Wounds take a sacred bath,

When souls are meant to meet,

Heavens bow and greet.



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