The Disappearance Of Misha Thunderwood- 2- Emerald Falls series by me

Misha, step mother of Tuliptwigs disappears from her home after the incident. Deep in the woods of Red Whirl, is an old home, surrounded with overgrown trees with hanging roots.Dreary place with red sky, where night becomes day and has neverending rythmn of siren songs.Misha is forever young, living along in the woods, waiting over a time that people forgot. Her home in Lakewoodshire has been vacant for many years. Dorian and Jade stay there now. Her heart burning with anguish and choler. She only got younger over time.She has only one vistor over many decades. A young man who comes to deliver her a basket of blue snapdragons, magical flowers that keep her young.One day, as Dorian and Jade go about their routine life, married with kids, strange catcalls rattle the place into ramshackles. As they return home, they are horrified to witness the disorder.Worried that Tuliptwigs might be around, they are vigilant. They see shadows of a well dressed man in the night disappear in the carriage.Dorian is worried if a gothic legend their grandfather always spoke about could be real. He frantically runs through old parchments that depict the details of this figure. Dorian’s father, Edward Thunderwood was an archeologist who explored ancient sites.In one of his excavations was found a man lying in his grave over more than a century. Strange occurances were noted over this site and Edward died in mysterious circumstances known only to Misha.Misha had grown sullen over his death and would often take it out on Tuliptwigs, daughter of Edward and his first wife Edna. Her innocence rattled her as Misha had sinister growing inside her, unaware.Dorian and Jade recollect a mysterious figure visit Misha often post their father’s death but nothing was made known to them. Over years they have been going about their lives forgetting what had happened.That night, as the clock turned 2, there are knocks on Dorian’s bedroom door. He sees a shadow lurking at his door. Scared and curious he moves towards the door. As he opens it, he sees a figure of a well dressed man smoking a cigar, bloodstains on his hand. He disappears in a jiffy without a word.Edward was once exploring a gothic site in Transalvania in a deep forest known to be cursed. Within a month of returning home, he dies in strange circumstances. He would often complain to Misha about hearing noise of bees and was found dead with bees swarming over his body.This mysterious figure followed Tuliptwigs and married her as a young Faun Oakwood, before she flee to Emerald Falls. Curse followed it’s footsteps to the Thunderwood family, unknown to them.Bad occurances happen in their household like a bad habit. Cleansing home from an archdiocese in their local church doesn’t seem to subdue the ill fate.distressed they remember Tuliptwigs, and see sparkling moondust fall in their window. They remember making fun it destroying dolls of Tuliptwigs. They don’t know to feel solace or worried looking at it. Is it to protect them or destroy them? Is Tuliptwigs back? They panic and regret having troubled her.The mysterious figure stops visting them as long as sparkling moondust stays in the window. Over a fortnight, on a full moon day, there is heavy knocking and howling inside their home.Jade was always fond of Tuliptwigs and would often miss her.He takes away his kids leaving them terrified and poignant.Inside the woods of Red Whirl, Misha hears sudden cries of kids tied to a tree next to a deep fire pit.A mysterious man with red eyes is preparing potions.Misha is terrified and runs back to her home. She has been locked in for decades when she entered a portal of time as smoke engulfed her from the incident.The man who visits her is brother of Edna, who was thrown in the same portal after the death of Edna. He finds magical snapdragons far away from these mysterious woods and runs back to give it to her. She tells her about this man when he reveals to her the story of her husband’s death.The mysterious man killed Edna to get magical potions from Tuliptwigs.Tuliptwigs birth brought them happiness and riches. She was a special child who was often visited by fairies. Faun would take away potions from her perfumes as they were gifts from fairies, and create exilirs that kept him alive.Their quest is to go beyond the Snapdragon garden and find Emerald Falls. The mysterious man is heading towards their home as they lay unconscious holding snapdragons.Misha’s hand falls on the floor that has a button, taking them back to Lakewoodshire. She is overjoyed to see her children, Dorian and Jade.She comes to know the mysterious man has taken away their children.She doesn’t know how to go back to Red Whirl and rescue them.They all together search for the time portal at their home to get back the children. A photo of Tuliptwigs hanging in her room falls on the floor and breaks.They all rush to her room after they hear the noise.They find a small cabinet, trinklets, and a perfume bottle in the cabinet on top of which the photo frame hanged.Curious, Misha takes them out and smells the perfume. All of a sudden, they hear the children scream. She tries to search the cabinet to find an old letter with the words ‘Emerald Falls.’She asks Dorian and Jade if Tuliptwigs ever mentioned ‘Emerald Falls.’Dorian sprays the perfume and Jade disappears. He wakes up in the meadows and hears laughter, murmurs, and beautiful songs. He is happy to see Tuliptwigs and narrates to her all that happened.She asks him about the perfume and trinklets. At once they all reach Lakewoodshire. Misha is unhappy to see Tuliptwigs. She takes them to the portal that lets them all enter the dark woods of Red Whirl.They are searching for their children. Faun senses presence of Tuliptwigs.There is a firestorm stopping them from reaching their children. Tuliptwigs drops trinklets and scatters Moondust. All stops at once. She hears the voice of Edna and runs towards it.Her husband, Ember stops her as he recognises it is Faun tricking her to get the perfume. As they are in search of kids, Ember finds feathers indicating a path. He follows the path to the cursed forest and the open grave.There lay Faun, pale, with sinister eyes. As he catches the glimpse, Moondust falls on the grave from his jacket and burns faun in flames.The fire inside the pit stops and kids are undone from the rope.Everybody reaches the site holding hands. Misha, Dorian, Jade and kids return to Lakewoodshire.Tuliptwigs is searching for Ember in the dark woods of Red Whirl.

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