The Mystery Of Emerald Falls -Short Fantasy Story by Me

One day, Tuliptwigs feel into a deep slumber, forgetting her daily chores. Beautiful meadows with colorful tulips, turquoise sky, and emerald mountains painted her dream.She was never so elated before. Nor could she have imagined such a place in her tormenting life at the age of 10.Tuliptwigs is a sweet child living with her step mother who Ill treated her everyday depriving her of all the motherly love. She cried herself to sleep only finding hope looking at the stars and imagining a beautiful world, her only solace.There is a knock on the door. She is still in her deep slumber. It is 9 in the morning. She started to wake up slowly as the noise of knocking and yelling increase.She rushes to open the door in utter fear of what would happen.She gets pulled and manhandled by her step mother, Misha. An elegant, noble, generous woman to the world and a monster to her step daughter.A social worker by profession, who is well-respected for uplifting the hapless. Nobody knew or could ever imagine, the nice lady had a monstrous side to her, tormeting her step daughter every single day.Tuliptwigs passed her daily life with torment and doing household chores, not meant for a children. Her dolls and toys were destroyed by her step brothers Dorian and Jade. She was mocked, derided, abused each day, until the day she fell into a deep slumber to watch the meadows.In her dream, she is seen walking through the beautiful woods, scared, anxious, happy, confused, having mixed feelings, not knowing what to feel.SShe was scared to be happy, and then, all of a sudden, she falls down, stumbling upon shiny, green rocks, the magical emeralds soaking all her pain and fear.She gets up following a beautiful scent that leads her to Emerald Falls, with fairies and angels taking care of her, and playing with her.An Elysian garden, surrounded by magical streams and waterfalls in emerald green. They threw away objects that looked like shiny green stones.Since that very day, she would often dream of this beautiful place that only made her stronger and happier.One day, Misha couldn’t hit her anymore, because her hands turn into poison, and her brother’s run away scared from home, never to return.She goes out of her home for the first time in 10 years, feeling as happy as a new born.Nobody in the neighbourhood knew Tuliptwigs existed for years, until now.She joins school, making new friends, learning exciting things each day, and visits fairies of Emerald Falls who protect her.Tuliptwigs grows into a wonderful women like pain never touched her and meets a man of mysterious aura.She in her 20s is enamoured by this beautiful man with mild manners, full of sweetness, unknown of his deceptive nature.He is Faun Oakwood, 25, visiting her town in search of something.They marry after courting for two years. The bliss of marriage starts to fade when she starts seeing his odd behaviour. Faun leaves home during the midnight every full moon only to return next day pale and sullen.She is horrified with the increased hostility in his behaviour and feels helpless as there are no fairies coming to her rescue, to talk to her.It has been 4 years she never dreamed of those beautiful meadows. She occasionally had nightmares, seeing herself killed by a strange creature. Faun would joke at her about her dreams.She lived in an ancient castle with Faun, far away from her home, where there was not a sight of human. She would write letters to her friends to keep in touch, with no reply in return.It worried her that Faun ignored her requests to take her to her home to be with her friends.Her fears increased when she started to notice strange behavior and animal sounds from him.Feathers coming through her window, she falls into a deep slumber after 4 confusing years. There is a whisper in her ears, ‘run until you find the emeralds.’The voice is coaxing her to run as far as possible.She wakes up in fear to find a menacing and wicked look in Fauns eyes, never seen before. Her dreams are known to him and now he won’t let her escape.She waits for the full moon night for Faun to disappear, and runs with the bunch of feathers, turned into wings, that let her fly away from the sinister land, battling evil creatures until she falls unconscious.As her eyes wake up, slowly, she hears the gushing noise of the waterfalls. She finds the same beautiful smell, she did until four years ago, till she is woken up by fairies, crowing her as the princess of Emerald Falls.She is happily married to Ember Moondust who guards her with his life.

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