The Dark Woods of Red Whirl- 3- Emerald Falls series by me

isha is back at Lakeswoodshire, happy with her kids and grandchildren. She is thankful that Tuliptwigs saved them all. She regrets her harshness towards her and welcomes her presence in her life.

Tuliptwigs is searching for her husband in the deep forest. She encounters a white wolf howling. She follows the white wolf leading to a quagmire. She is about to step on it, an eagle with a golden beak picks her up and drops her at a great distance.

She is unconscious, laying on the ground. The eagle with a golden beak is watching over her, perched on an aeon old banayan tree. She wakes up in a few hours, viewing a faint light at a distance.

Thirsty, she drinks water from the nearby lake. As she keeps walking, she has visions. Her mind is hallucinating. She sees her husband crying for help in a quagmire.

Helpless, she keeps walking, worried how to find him. She sees a home at a distance covered with tree roots. This is the same home where Misha lived. She enters the home. She smells snapdragons. She remembers Edna using them to decorate home.

She is in tears of joy and sadness alike thinking she could find her mother. What if she were never dead at all? But how could she find her and where is Ember?

It’s daytime, she steps outside and views the red sky. She keeps walking, not knowing where to find them. Tired, she takes rest under a tree and falls asleep.

She wakes up when she hears buzzing of bees. She finds the ring of her father. She starts digging the site to find an old parchment that has a map and a gadget with coordinates.

She follows the map and locates a place named Islandgust. This is a queer place where birds with blue plumes talk. As they watch her, they are dropping green strawberries. She is hungry. She picks up those fruits and eats them.

She can hears the bird say ‘ Edna le fruit.’ They are surrounding her dropping fruits and trinklets. The trinklets have her mother’s and father’s name, Edna and Edward.

She sees a large, black castle from a distance. This is where she lived with Faun. Birds warn her from visiting the castle. She is headed towards thinking she could find Edna and Ember.

She reaches the underground that opens with a creeky door. She sees black smoke coming out. The green strawberries change to half lion, half eagle creatures and eat the black smoke.

They battle dark creatures in the castle as Tuliptwigs runs further to see if she can find her mother. She sees symbols drawn on a trunk. She tries to open the trunk but it stays padlocked. She turns the trunk around to see the words Edward etched on them.

She places the trinklets named Edward onto the markings and the trinklet opens. She sees a vision inside the trunk that her father is alive, tied to ropes, surrounded by black clocked creatures.

She knows immediately that this is the study of Faun. She finds a secret staircase to his study and is shocked to find her father alive surrounded by creatures, they are waiting for Fauns arrival.

Faun is dead, Ember killed him. She has trinklets and fruits. She goes to the kitchen, makes a juice from the fruits and sprinkles them on the study floor. The creatures disappear. Black smoke is filling the place. She unties her father and releases him from Fauns evil clutches.

The smoke eating bird introduces himself as, Rumblefoot. He helps them both escape from the dark castle and drops them at the place where Misha lived. Edwards foot falls on the button and he goes back to Lakeswoodshire. Rumblefoot disappears. Tuliptwigs still has to find Edna and Ember.

As the night falls, there are heavy firestorms. A catastrophy waiting to happen. There is a knock on the door. This is Edna’s brother. He tells her all that happened. They wait for days for the firestorms to subside. As the moon disappears, they set their journey in the deep woods.

He brings her snapdragons that keep them alive and makes them invisible to dark creatures. They reach the dark castle of Faun. They open a door in his study which leads to a quagmire. Tuliptwigs finds Embers ring floating atop the quagmire. She is crying in pain.

Edna’s brother is consoling her. As they explore Fauns castle, they find an avenue in his backyard where lays a golden pouch of moondust.

Tuliptwigs is convinced that Ember could be around somewhere. They search the backyard to find some more queues. They see petals of lavender and purple tulips sweeping the floor. Tuliptwigs has tears of joy as she is convinced that Ember could be alive.

They find an underground winery. An old woman is seen making wine. The wooden barrels smell aweful. The woman is screaming words and shooing them. They hold the snapdragons and become invisible to her.

They search the winery and find Ember lying on the floor soaked in wet earth. Tuliptwigs sprinkles moondust and they go back to Emerald Falls.

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