Finding Happiness In Quarantine Time

Life hit a pause button across the globe to let us realise the value of minimalism. There’s happiness to be with your loved ones. When the world is compelled to work from home, it has created a joy, a reason to bond finding no excuses as you work from home.

Staying away from office politics, working in peace can only increase productivity, making corporates restructure their work culture. Less traffic, better environment, and meaningful bonds.

We have found happiness in caring and conserving resources. A primitive lifestyle in urban times lets you use resources, technology, information, and valuables with caution.

There is harmony when your mind is adjusted to a healthy lifestyle; people of all ages have less to complain about. We as a human race are looking forward to spirituality.

Time you spend with your kids is priceless. Conversations, laughter, and bonds only get stronger when you are privileged to have all time in your life to talk and spend time with them.

Those living with parents have a chance to make them feel loved in their old age. Conversations from children is priceless for older parents. Happiness comes in these moments that create indelible memories and joy people carry forward to each day.

Those living alone have a gamut of things to do and enjoy the freedom, reflect in solitude, and make the best use of this phase to stay fit, unperturbed.

Life is not easy, especially, for daily wagers. Happiness is doing your bit and paying it forward in whatever way you can to let others go by. There is more happiness in giving and letting people find joy in their day to day lives.

There is no secret to happiness, no deep philosophy. Good feelings beget good thinking. When we understand the burden of excess we have been carrying is leading to nowhere, we can rollback to minimalism and be more giving.

Did you ever think that sunrise could be so beautiful and the night sky clear with twinkling stars. Days of yonder in adulthood keep our spirits upbeat letting us connect with our souls and feed it with meaningful moments.

Taking a morning walk is still a joy because you now breathe better quality of air. Amidst all the chaos, we had the chance to find love for ourselves and those who bring meaning to us sharing joy, compassion, and paying it forward.

This blend of primitive meets urban is a new beginning in our thoughts and actions. We are in a phase that is making us think and question the purpose of our existence lost in the bygone of excess.

Availability is a valuable commodity; availablity of resources, loved ones, the time we use, and not a thing we overlook anymore. We have learned the happiness of conservation. In this available time, life is giving us a chance to foster beautiful emotions and finding happiness in every moment we can.

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