Lizard phobia

Women hate lizards as much as they hate the other good looking woman..however the chance of hating lizards is quite absolute unless you are the female version of crocodile hunter.I have no qualms about any type of insect in this world,I can easily swat it either with electric bat(mosquitoes) or with chappal(desi-twist).But Lizards,OMG…gives jitters and panic attack.Esp in old houses…I check the celing and walls in the washrooms and behind the doors(favourite place of these stupid lizards to hide).Dunno what fun do they get…oh may be insecurities…their insecurities makes them hide behind doors,esp bathrooms(i think they like to be near water bodies) and they stroll on the floor with brisk speed as if in a race.You just keep wondering what just went by..while you were reading or working with concentration.And then there are those fat lizards,so stubborn no matter how much you sush them with pillow or broom,they will not move an inch.Like they’re competing with sloth.Finally you have to throw some water on them,who will call pest control for one stubborn lizard?Those thin ones have agility and i must say some grace…they run with some style(but i still hate them).And some are opportuinists…the minute they see the window open..boom!they just come inside so shamelessly assuming authority as if it is their aint no house pets..shoo shoo.And some are adventurous,when you shush them they chase you around the house…unless of course you throw some water on them.This solution seems to work regardless of what type of lizard it is..After a long long time I saw this creature nearby and im not too happy to see them…All they do is stick on the Wall…we stick to the FB Wall….now i know from where Facebook is getting their ideas 😛


  1. very much liked your post, esp your post is very simple and SMALL, crispy one and FB wall thing is a good findings 😛 good one, keep posting 🙂 (SMALLER One’s)

  2. @Arjit…nope aint weird at all…Lizards are creepy creature,it would be weird only if chinese feared them 😛

    @Amar thanks for the comments

    @Deepak-thank you for the feedback,appreciate it!

  3. I love lizards and I am female. I am not a crocodile hunter. You may be misinformed about lizards. They are beautiful and graceful creatures. I personally have 5 lizards and 4 snakes. I did find some of your commentary about them being opportunists amusing, however.

  4. Hey Ash,thanks for dropping by my blog.I’m not misinformed about lizard,its just that their grace too can give me creeps 😛 .Lizard is linked to some kind of superstition in India..

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