The Rules I live by

Thou shall always remain a teenager in mind,heart and soul.People compromise with their choices in the name of maturity.If you dont achieve/get what you want,whats the use of living a banal life in the name of  this dufus attribute.Fancy and imagination is what let us fulfill our dreams without being corroded with mental resevations and limitation based on heard and unheard illusion of reality.It has always been impossible to discourage me from doing what interests me regadless of any amount of opposition.My mind for once doesnot doubt the goal and interest it sets upon.I mean,who are these people to decide anything for me at all?Same goes in personally too.What I accept in any relation and is one of the most important prerequisite is mutual respect.Respect to me is more important than Love and will always be.I can never entertain oversmart,i know-it-all kinda people.These are the people I like to keep at bay,last thing i want to deal with is an Ego.”Shoes and Ego outside,please :D”.I’m bestowed with intellectual snobbery in contrast with dumbass vanity.I spit venome at phoneys,wannabes,basically people who dont have an original opinion of their own,I treat them like trash,cant help.Thats me.Spinless people who dont have balls to own up to their word are yet another kind of people who top the list for trash-treatment.I prefer a few genuine amigos to bunch of meaningless aquaintances.I’m glad I havent given into the temptation of accepting people whom i cant relate to inorder to cast away desolation.Rather be an intellectual bore than a partying counterfeit wannabe.I have always been the way I am,whether people like it or not.I dont acetylize myself  to be a part of something I cannot relate to.People who cannot see through my individuality can take a hike.

Traditions?Which piece o trah created all this Sturm und Drang?And we aint educated enough to get our priorities right?We aint educated enough to think for ourselves,what we really want?what we really care about or care for?Instead blindly follow the ho hum presented to us with belieing condiments of well being.Why do we need traditions and customs when you twardy mind is incapable of understanding your fellow human beings.Its sad more than anything else,people find it ‘cool’ to mock genuine feelings thinking they have achieved a new high in their farcical peer group.All people want to do is feign ‘coolness’ instead of sincerely listening to their heart.What are you beneath this layer of  assumed sense of being?Playing possum to ‘real’ values that can actually mean something to an individual.

People in the West have participated in World Wars and have been through bouts of heinous holocausts,unlike us,Indians.Their emotional states vary drastically from us.Yet they resurrect like phoenix giving higher importance to building and innovation,thats what people do when everything is destroyed,they rebuild.We havent faced as many atrocities as they have as a Nation.Why then our emotions are coloured with their notions.Its good and healthy to be silly in love.You can also measure the degree of love you feel for your near and dear with unreasonable irrationality.We do so coz we love sincerely off guard….i say it again ‘off guard’.When you feel so completely comfortable with your loved ones you donot filter what you say,coz you trust that you will not be judged what whatever you say or feel.Infact thats also one of the acid tests to finding who really are your friends,well wishers,cronies by how you feel around someone.Ask yourself.

Regardless of how this world changes its degree of being chaotic,I will not feel ashamed of being silly at times or feeling whatever I feel with utmost sincerity and my efforts towards anything.I donot live by hairbrained rules.Nobody and nothing can rule my mind except my own ideas and my will to understand something that might sometimes be beyond my scope.I donot stop believing in simple joys when bestowed with luxury,nor will I stop believeing in higher ideals,perfection and precision even when surrounded by middling minds.I’d rather change a inutile habit than change my strong faith in good no matter what callous mind tried to fiddle with it only to see a obliterating defeat.I have survived such minds and their actions and only become stronger in my pursuit bringing in more clarity to the choices I make.Neither forgiving nor forgetting the deliberate gaslighting done to my reason and rhyme only to prove their dissembled fiber above reproach.Shame on their pursuits and the devotion and veneration they project towards such a sham without any remorse.False ideologies they live by and expect me to adhere is,you know that most ridiculous expectation from a strong mind.Purists who are so hairbrained and happy in circumventing and dodging that abuse the very religion of truth and wisdom.To them wisdom is fanatically praying to God and abiding by religious rituals without undertanding the essence of faith and freedom of freewill to love.Aint even interesting enough to make me sick!Chained in their own foibles and follies hence unable to bear others sense of freedom.Blimpish simpletons,to hell with ya!!


  1. Voooo…must say, that’s some original wrath!

    I too have the privilege of getting brickbats for being my original self. Can’t help if we are born with this attitude. If there is one universal truth I have realized over the past couple of years, that will be “we stand tall when we put our foot to nonsense”

    For me, the greatest pleasure in my life is doing what people say I cannot do.

    But congratulations, all geniuses are considered idiots by lesser mortals who never had and will never have the potential to understand and think differently!! More so, since these *beep*s are in majority they think they are right! So *beep* the world…stick to doing what you believe in.

    Celebrate being a part of minority.


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