Funny doubts when goldenagers learn computers

Okay,When computers started to replace television sets and video games ..instead of feel rendered, the older generation loaths the way we pass/utilize our time even more.Esp that they have no idea as to what computer and internet is as compared to the simplicity of operation tele or radio.A single click on,a single click off and life was simple until the invasion of internet in their lives.For whatever reason they are now compelled to learn basic operation and how things work.

Instance 1:My friend was spending lot of time playing PC games and his mom suddendly barges in and turns off the monitor.With a triumphant feeling,she gushes ‘Now i’ll see how you’ll turn that computer on..’  😛  (ignorance aint bliss,its funny)

Instance 2:Are you attaching youtube?

Me: ????? perplexed and bursting with laughter..

Oldster:dont laugh…just tell me thats the youtube you ppl keep talking about?

Me:ROFL…what is you idea of youtube?(still laughing while typing this)

Oldster:Sometube that you attach to the computer…

Me:fell off the floor(recorded the evergreen humorous incident)

OldesIsnt that black thing attached to your computer youtube?(referring to pendrive)

Me:no,its pendrive,youtube is a website.

Oldester:then why do they call it ‘you’ ‘tube’

Me:its a name for a website,they can name its as they like.

Oldester:still slightly puzzled


Oldster:Now what is this pendrive?

Me:its a storage like you have cd

Oldster:oh…ya,then why is it so small,its not round and big like cd and how do u store?

Me: ya its new and advanced..its better than cd.

Oldster:i dont understand all this,how u ppl keep playing with that stuff,we understand nothing..

Instance 3:

Oldster:what is a website?

Me: its a page on the internet with related info

Oldster:you know the password?


Oldster:my gmail website has a password.

Me:websites dont have is email..

Oldster:this is confusing,then why do they call it gmail if its email and not a website?



Oldster:what are you doing?(after staring at my screen for good 2 mins)


Oldster:I know what blogging is i hear that a lot and i see you are typing…

Me: yes…still focused..

Oldster:I dont know where to look all these websites have so much info..


Oldster:My son can see others photos on his computer

Me: ????that is not possible..

Oldster:yes he can,maybe you dont know,he can open..(referring to FB tagging)

Me:after having a look ..(chuckles)…thats FB tagging..

Oldster:I dont know but we can see others photos on our computers…im wondering  how my son made it is possible(all excited)

Me: numb with laughter..

Instance 5:

Junior:My dad wont install internet…


Junior:Some idiot told him it sends viruses to the families..

Me:laughing at his plight

Junior:pls explain them no such thing happens..

Oldester at juniour’s house:no amma,such things are happening now a days,we must be careful..


Junior:Should i create your fb profile?

His oldster:why do you have to create it?


His Oldster:you are there on the computer,why do u need my profile?

Junior:everybody need a profile

His oldster:just tell them i dont need a profile..

Junior:you cant tell them ..

His oldster:then why are they asking to create a profile…im a councellor,i dont need no profile..

Junior:they are not asking..

His oldster:then why are you asking?dont play tricks with me just coz i dont know,go back to studies and yes,no internet for you.


Me:muahahahahahaha…couldnt stop laughing at all.

I think the best profession in this world is to teach computers to goldenagers.It not only creates good humour but also authentic entertainment.

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