The Cause I Really Believe In

We are gifted species whose mind is a canvas generating beautiful ideas.Like a lightining they thunder upon us any unpredictable moment.I think they are lives that choose to enter the mind,giving us an opportuinity to do something about it.Unbiased in their aim,they register themselves in our nous maybe in a spur regardless of our level of mentation.I believe even the ordinary has the ability to be radiate their purport and make if they are willing to shape the lives of these ideas.I believe we are a dynamic country with great gusto mostly interesting in futile things such as boozing and partying in contrast to social networking.Theres a huge different between these two approaches to connecting with people.The first is something you just do with your cronies and bring about merriment.Joy however is a very subjective matter.Each to his own.However I donot know of a single person who has not rejoiced themselves after expending their time and efforts on building something out of their ideas.Networking in contrast to mindless partying bring in valuable social contacts,mentors and the company of inspiring people who can only fertile the seeds in our minds.

The cause I truly believe in is to value Ideas and do something about it no matter how seemingly impossible it might appear to achieve.When we are truly aware of what we are and what we want,ideas start making their journey towards our brain waves.Its always the thinker that attracts ideas in contrast to people who are just happy to skim through the surface.My solace has always lied in thinking and doing.I’m probably all about work and work alone.Probably emotions have done no good to me.I dont understand the aura behind the heart chakra.My happiness lies in creative pursuits as compared to human relations.Both are equally important,however my strength has always lied in implementing ideas than making deep connections.Not that im incapable of doing so,overtime I have become all about work,esp coz its definite,i know where im going and I get results!!

I place high importance to intellectual pursuits and creativity rather than donnish education.I value education,however values and beliefs are something we develop overtime regardless of what we might have parroted in early years.United States has a potent effect over the world and produce world’s effective leaders coz they are people with ideas and its a part of their national culture to encourage such activities.Its sad to see we are a country of high calibre and potential yet feel the need to look West only coz we have not learnt to develop conviction in what we believe in.The point is do we really want to believe in anything at all.Our attitudes are moulded to getting the third world treatment.We are just satisfied with what we are offered without wanting to make a mark on this world.Are we a weak culture?unable to produce dynamic leaders however able to produce devoted employees.People come to us coz we are obedient slaves who work even better when all facilities are provided.Is that what we really are?Has colonization had such a garring effect on us that we still succumb to polished slavery.That one of the reason the goverment doesnt bother to do anything about IP laws to protect the interest of a person’s idea or Enterprise when we have many with the potential probably greater than that of Mark Zuckerberg.People in the west make it big coz they have a structured system that supports their talent and ideas.We are a dead nation which will probably never understand the essence of producing leaders and develop higher ideals coz we are just happy being mediocres.I support the want of having a proper system,which i believe is going to take aeons to take any effect here.People donot understand art,higher ideals,intellect,individuality.These kind of values are never a part of any household.Why is it that only the elite understand this dominion?Its not like they alone are patented to understand.Ideals and ideals for everybody until people statiate themselves with wanting only basic necessesities or a little more than than..Its a sad country where more than corruption mediocrity prevails which in reality is the root cause of may atrocities and iniquities…An idea can really change lives if not stymied with middling minds and attitudes..

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